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The Things That Really Count

November 15th, 2012

I have lived long enough now to have a great rearward perspective.  What I see in my rear view mirror is most useful in helping me to gauge life’s road ahead.  At my age I’ve just about seen it all, felt it all, lived it all, experienced it all, suffered it all, and enjoyed it all.  I am now confident that I am able to judge life from the advantage of experience.  With experience comes a degree of wisdom, which comes in really handy in your daily walk.

Just recently I had the wind knocked out of me with the way the national election went.  Personally, I think it was rigged from such a lofty place that we can’t even fathom who these people are that are pulling the strings on global events.  Who do they think they are to make our republic and democratic form of government null and void?  It no longer matters how we vote or even if we vote; the elections are decided long before Election Day.  I think if we really knew all that is going on behind the scenes it would scare the bejeebies out of us.  I believe Beelzebub is the dark power behind the thrones of the world.   I believe the world system is against God and His plans for His creation.  There are satanic influences at work in all the nations.  I think all the religions of the world that hate Jesus Christ are of Satan.

My recent ponderings have been about the America I grew up in and how it no longer exists.  I miss her so much; my little grandbabies won’t enjoy the liberty and security I knew as a boy and man.  There was a time that I was so satisfied with my lot in life.  I really enjoyed being a Game Warden.  When I was a kid all I could think of was how much I wanted to be a Game Warden.  Now that I have been a Game Warden, all I can think of now is how much I want to be a kid again.  Yep, I really miss being a kid in the 50s and 60s in America.

Having said all that, I want to turn my thoughts to the things that really count in my life.  My wife, children, grandchildren, and one little great granddaughter are my family.  I have been blessed with the sweetest wife a man could ever hope for and three wonderful children.  We have seven grandchildren and the one great-granddaughter.  This old world can pass away, along with all the politicians and world leaders and I really wouldn’t care as long as I have my family by my side.  They are special; that’s what counts now.  Things I once held in such high esteem in my life are now not so important compared to family.

As much as I love family, my relationship with my Savior is more precious to me.  He is so special to me and seems to become more so every day as I grow older.  For several decades now I have had a great relationship with my Creator, but in my waning years I have found myself drawing so much closer to Him.  I talk to Him more now than ever.  Chatting with Him is really more personal than prayer.  I read and study His Word more than ever too.  I look for His return more closely than I ever did in the past when I was busy with worldly things.  My greatest desire now is that He would return and take me out of this wicked world.  I am not a citizen of this world looking to go to heaven some day; instead, I am a citizen of heaven looking forward to going home soon.

Here the Republicans are cursing the Democrats and the Democrats are cursing the Republicans and everybody is blaming everything on everybody else.  There is no peace on earth.  There is constant bickering and fighting; murders and crimes on humanity by humanity.  There is no peace on earth.  The east is against the west and the north is against the south.  The donkeys are against the elephants and vice versa; the blacks are against the whites and vice versa; the rich are against the poor and vice versa and there is no peace on earth.  The return of the Savior promises peace on earth.  There has been no peace on earth since the creation.  And even though there are many today that do not believe in the creation or the Creator or peace on earth, it doesn’t matter.  Their negative thinking won’t stop Jesus from returning to set up His righteous kingdom on earth.

After over six decades of life, I have concluded that the things that really count the most are things eternal.  Temporal things will fade away one day.  The things that are temporal are things like America, political parties, politicians, jobs, money, houses, cars, health and even this life itself.  I’ve had it with political parties and politicians as a hope to reclaim America.  Personally, I think America has gone past the point of no return.  I think America is being judged by God for all the sins of a nation that turned its back on God.  We murder our unborn and call it rights; we reduce the sanctity of marriage of a man and woman to a vile and sick union of sodomites and call it their rights.  Drug abuse is off the scale across our land and America thinks God will not judge her?  Wake up America!  I do not think America will recover; she has played the harlot for too long.  Self satisfaction is the goal of most Americans today, whether it is achieved by sex or drugs or anything else that gives personal gratification at the expense of the innocent.  America, you make me sick.  You are not my home anymore.  I am sick of you and your politics.  There is no soundness in you.  You are wasted away and are without hope.  Your bed is made in hell.

For you who have any vestige of goodness about you, escape the wrath to come; it is your only hope.  America is past recovery.  Her putrid sores cannot be healed.  America is like humpty dumpty; it cannot be put back together again.  Oh America, you were once so mighty; you were once so rich; you were once so grand…but no more.  Only the things that really count will last.

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