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Cause and Effect

February 2nd, 2011

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? An age old question but really, who cares? There are, however, some things that should be pondered. Are we governing to effect an action or are we reacting to the outcome of a previous action?
Sounds like double speak, but what I mean is, are we acting or reacting? Is Congress in “knee jerk” mode because of it’s own prior actions? I think if we consider the direction our government is taking, we must conclude that Congress is in the crisis response business. A quick look at airport security will reveal that.

There are a lot of old clichés that come to mind like, “You made your bed, now you have to lay in it”, or “what goes around, comes around”. Sometimes I find myself thinking about certain things that I wonder if anybody else on the planet even ponders. I believe the Lord has allowed me to live long enough to experience and witness some things that qualify me to be just such a deep thinker.

When I look around at our welfare state, with all the political correctness and insanity, I think we are just stomping out fires that we have built ourselves. I just thought of another cliché that applies, “we have met the enemy, and it is us”. And, “we are our own worst enemy”. Wow, they just keep coming…I beg your pardon.

Having grown up in the shadow of Roosevelt’s New Deal and Johnson’s Great Society, I can tell you, “we have come a long way baby “…backwards! Johnson’s plan was to help all the poor people of America break the cycle of poverty. Well, it’s 60 years later and we still have poverty. The only difference now is that all those well-meaning government programs that were designed to help poor blacks, have totally destroyed the black family structure in America. That’s right; Uncle Sam has usurped the role of the parents in every respect and caused the total breakdown of the family.

You know I’m right; look at the average low income black family today and you will find a mother, a maternal grandmother and bunch of kids but no father/husband. There is also no job and no desire to have one. Why work? You don’t have to work when you are on the government dole. The only goal in this heart-breaking setting is to have more welfare kids who will in turn have even more welfare kids, ad infinitum. And, in that situation you find the seedbed of crime and continued dependency on welfare. There is a total breakdown of society and the people of this society have a low self esteem and most often turn to a life of drugs and crime.

Then, there’s the teen pregnancy and abortion problem in America. What caused this epidemic of immorality? Yep, it’s the government again. How, you say, did the government cause this? Again, I refer back to my experiences in years past.

My public education started in 1954 and completed it in 1966. During those twelve years, we had a daily devotion every morning. There was usually a Bible scripture read followed by a prayer. Some schools would let each home room do their own devotion and some would do a school-wide devotion over the school’s intercom system. Whatever the method, the point is, the Word of God was welcome in the school; the Bible was welcome in school classrooms. I can remember on several occasions the Gideons would come into the schools and pass out pocket size New Testaments and Psalms. Every child had their own little Bible. Local ministers would, on occasion, come in and speak to the whole school gathered in the auditorium for “chapel”. Prayers were prayed over the loud speaker system at ball games and there was always a religious service for graduating seniors. These things I just mentioned sound very foreign to today’s politically-correct thinking, but that is just the way it was in those days. I never heard of anybody complaining about it or saying that they didn’t want their kid praying. People just expected their children to get a good Christian education. Many of the teachers were devout Christian ladies and gentlemen. God was welcome in American classrooms.

Then it happened. Madelyn Murray O’Hare raised enough stink to get prayer taken out of schools. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against God. The Bible was literally “outlawed” in the schools of this once great land. God was kicked out of school! That action marks the death of America as far as I’m concerned. That’s the day America began to die a slow, godless death.

Discipline is no longer allowed in schools. Just this week I saw on the news where schools are actually calling the Police to come into the school and write tickets to elementary students. That is insane! No paddling, but just call the cops? Nor is spanking allowed in the home either. As a matter of fact, with God kicked out of American life, everything began to deteriorate. No Bible in schools and no discipline in schools meant the inevitable encroachment of crime and disrespect in the public schools of America.

The curriculum was changed and history was revised to reflect the new ideology in American thought and culture. The classroom became a great social experiment with our children being the guinea pigs. They are not taught values or morality. Everything is relevant. There is no right or wrong taught. The age-old concept of winners and losers in games has been done away with so no one will experience failure. God help us! They can take it!

Sex education is a front name for liberal sex behavior being taught to our children. Birth control and abortion are provided at school without parents knowing about it. The precious children that God gave us are made the wards of the government and parents’ rights are ignored. But, we just allow it to happen with little or no protest. We lost a whole generation, then another and another, to a government education system gone mad.

The education system, the welfare system, the health care system, the social security system, and on and on are all to blame. We have become a nation of government dependents and the drug of “free give-away” is just too addictive.

The welfare and education social programs of the federal government have created a heart-breaking cycle of crime, poverty, drug use, teen pregnancy, and abortion. There is seemingly no way out of the government induced societal breakdown. So, what do the “professional politicians” do when they look around at the terrible situation they have created? Do they go back and repeal the laws that are doing so much damage American? No! They are perpetually busying themselves with creating more laws and more programs to overcome the ill effects of the programs they’ve already passed.

What amazes me is, Congress does not even acknowledge that they caused these ills to our beloved country to begin with. I think the best thing Congress can do at this point is just go home and do nothing! Lord knows, they’ve done enough! I, for one, am just sick to death of the government passing more and more laws, levying more and more taxes, so they can provide more and more insanity. STOP! For Heaven’s Sake, STOP!

Americans have always been a long-suffering lot, but when they’ve had enough, they will act. The Tea Party is evidence of a fed-up American electorate responding. The silent majority is silent no longer. Just look at the results of the last election. It was a clear referendum against government waste and spending. The American taxpayer has spoken and what they said was, “Enough Already”!

Still, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There are no efforts underway to turn back the clock and return to our old standards. I truly wish this nation could look at where we are today and conclude that the social programs don’t work, and then turn to God and ask for His guidance. Well, that isn’t going to happen. Instead of being “One Nation Under God” we have become “One Nation AGAINST God”.

There is a certain scripture in the Old Testament that I am reminded of here. It goes like this: “Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways and see and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.” You see? God has the answer, but man says, “we will not do it”.

It doesn’t matter what Glenn Beck says, man cannot govern himself successfully. Every form of government since the beginning of time has failed, every one. Are we doomed to continual governmental failure at the hands of ignorant legislators? No! There is hope but, it does NOT lie with man, himself.

The perfect government will, one day soon, be set up and carried out; for a thousand years it will succeed. There will be no social experiments gone awry; no breakdown of the family will be experienced; and everybody will rejoice when all things are just and fair. The true New World Order is not the Trilateral Commission or the Skull & Bones Society or any other such malevolent order, but the Bible tells us that the Lord will rule with a rod of iron. All things will be fair, just and good. There will be peace throughout the whole earth.

Is there any hope that the U.S. Congress will eventually get it right? Will a change of ruling party make a difference? The answer to both these questions is a resounding, No! Things are not going to get better, regardless of which party is in power. Only when the Lord sets up His kingdom will we know true peace. Pray for that day to come quickly. JH

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