Civics 101

July 28th, 2009

The Dig

To be an American today and not be stirred by what is going on in Washington you would have to be living on the moon or just not living.  Whether you are liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, black or white, rich or poor, you are most likely stirred by the recent political happenings.  Everything we have known in the past is being repealed, replaced or ignored.  Take for instance the US Constitution.  It is being conveniently placed aside or ignored while personal freedoms and institutions are being eroded and pillaged.  What makes it such a torment of mind and soul is that the attacks are not coming from enemies without, but supposed friends within.

Pinch Me, I’m Having A Nightmare!

It is all so surreal and unbelievable that it is almost incomprehensible, but it is happening; like a bad dream, it’s happening.  I just want to wake up and once again see  real Americans with their hands over their hearts, pledging allegiance to our flag, going to Church on Sundays, working in shops and factories all over America making quality products for America and the world.

Do you remember when “Made In America With American Pride” meant something?  Have you noticed that you don’t see those signs in Wal Mart anymore?  Do you know why?  Well, do you remember during President Bill Clinton’s administration when China was given “favored nation” status on trade?  That was the day this all started.  Every since then our government has been systematically favoring China and other countries and making life harder and harder for American businesses.  American business and manufacturing has been hit with everything from higher and higher taxes to stricter and stricter regulations.  Cap and Trade will probably be the death knell for American industry.   That favored nation business has resulted in the systematic forcing of American big businesses into moving offshore to stay alive.  In other words, the Federal government has made the business climate in America so hostile that businesses have had to leave to survive.

No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

Not only have big business come under attack, but rich CEOs and business leaders have also come under attack by our government because they have made too much money.  It is as if it was a sin to become rich.  I think our President, his Czars and his Cabinet think that if you are rich in this country, you no doubt made your millions on the backs of the defenseless and downtrodden poor people of America.  Baloney!  He thinks that the solution is to spread the riches around by a redistribution of wealth by forced government action.  And, he has taken it upon himself to make those rich people pay for their crimes of hard work and earning their money.  And all along I thought that was what America stood for.  I was under the impression that was why people came to this country from all points of the globe.  I thought that is what the American dream was all about.  Every time I saw little kids with a lemonade stand I thought about them as little entrepreneurs.  I thought they were on their way to the top with their first little steps into their own business.  Yes, capitalism is under attack in America today.

How Did America Prosper?

Does anybody remember Henry Ford and how he turned a small business into one of the biggest corporations on the globe.  Or how about Bill Gates who turned an idea into a multi-billion dollar empire.  Do you ever look around at all the Mom & Pop shops and businesses around this great country that began in a back room or basement and blossomed into a company employing hundreds or thousands of employees.  That my friends is what has made America great, but our government is tearing it all down because of a twisted ideology.

Their Game Plan

The recent moves by the government in taking over much of the banking industry, most of the auto industry, the housing industry, and daily attempting to take over every other part of American business and culture.  And, now big government is trying to take over the healthcare industry.  Where will it all end?  Well, the ones who know will not tell and the ones who wonder are helpless to do anything about it.  Who is fighting the great fight?  Who is making the valiant stand?  Where are the armies of concerned citizens marching on Washington?  Where are our elected Senators and Representatives?

Nightmare On Pennsylvania Avenue

It seems that our elected officials, mainly at the Federal level, are sitting by allowing the nation to be stolen with little or no opposition.  What is going on in their minds?  What is going on in their world?  Why aren’t the Democrats and Republicans alike standing together and stopping this destruction of our national way of life?  Where are the checks and balances of the three branches of government?  Don’t they even care?  Will we just wake up one day soon and realize that this was all a bad dream…a very bad dream, in fact a nightmare; a nightmare where the bad guys win; where the hard working men and women are punished?  God help us.

An Early Lesson In American Civics

The style of government that Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers gave us was a confederation of the sovereign states of America, with a small central government designed to carry out specific and limited functions.  The main purpose of the central government was to levy and collect tariffs, to raise and fund an Army and Navy for national defense, and to govern at the pleasure of the several states.  Well, that form of government was under attack from the very start.  I won’t teach a history lesson here but you can check it out for yourselves.

Does Big Government Work?

I am old enough to remember Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and the swelling federal government of the Jimmy Carter days.  Along with FDR, they have spent literally multiple billions of dollars to swell the federal government.  But my friend those billions spent are a small drop in the bucket compared to Obama’s trillions of dollars he has spent in the first six months of his administration.  And this same wasteful government is trying to take over healthcare, financing, automobile manufacturing, housing and many other areas of our lives.  Do we need more government, less government or a different government? 

And Now, The Rest Of The Story

Now friends, right where all seems lost and unrecoverable is where the rest of the story begins.  Here’s where the grit and grizzle of this article is brought out.  Here is where we turn for our hope in a hopeless world.  Now we take a look at another scenario, another possibility, another avenue.  Here’s where we look for the real new world order that hardly anyone is talking about today.

Enter Civics 101

I identify Civics 101 as the proper, Constitutional governing of the people by citizen representatives engaged in running the people’s government for the benefit of the people and the country.  It takes a genuine statesman to serve his or her fellow man in such a way, but alas, we don’t have statesmen any longer in America.  What we have now is career politicians and high paid lobbyists who are out to feather their own nests and accumulate all the wealth they can at the expense of the very people they are sworn to serve.

Although I often disagree with Abraham Lincoln on many issues, he did get one thing right in the Gettysburg Address when he declared us to be a nation “of the people, for the people, and by the people”.  But, today is it a government that ignores the will of the people, spends at the expense of the people, and generally disregards the will of the people.  Don’t they realize that it is all about “We The People”?  It isn’t about the politician or the lobbyist, or the globalist, or the industrialist, or the journalist or any other entity except the American people.  It is the American people that have made this nation great and not the government.  Thomas Jefferson knew that a big government is a destructive government.  So, Civics 101 in America is failing miserably to produce the kind of government the founding fathers envisioned.

We Have Failed Civics 101

Civics 101 is not the solution to the dilemma but a way to identify what has gone wrong in America.  This one thing I will say and be straightforward about it; government is NOT the answer to our problem.  It has been well shown that government is the problem and not the solution.  It is often said that we don’t need more government but less, as Jefferson declared.  Less government is still not the answer if our elected representatives won’t represent us in Washington.

The Bottom Line

One thing that can be proven by history is that we don’t learn from history.  If we were to study the histories of the nations and empires of the world from the beginning of man’s civilization, we would see that there has never been any form of government that has succeeded.  All human attempts at self governance have all ended in a dismal failure because of what is in man’s heart.  Man has the total incapacity to govern himself successfully and perpetually.  He just is not fitted to govern himself.

If history is our teacher and we conclude that we cannot govern ourselves, then what?  Where do we turn for the answers to our perpetual dilemma?  Obama’s obvious attempts to drastically change America is just the latest in a long string of despots trying to make their own agenda and plans the ultimate end.  Personally, I think he is moving at an alarming pace to destroy America as we know it.  What he plans to make out of the rubble is anyone’s guess since he hasn’t publicly revealed his ultimate plans

Where Is Discernment?

When you listen to people discuss a multitude of issues about what is going on in the world today, you wonder if anybody has any spiritual discernment about what is happening in the world.  I mean, why don’t more people have their finger on the right pulse of global happenings?  Why does everyone seem to turn to politics and government to solve the problems of the world?  Why do politicians think that the only solution to a problem is to enact another law or pass a bill or veto an opponent’s bill?  Don’t they know that the events of today were set in play by unseen forces before the world began?

The Apostle Paul said in Ephesians chapter 6, verse 12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.  Does that sound like Obama is the real enemy?  He is only a blind pawn being used by the “ruler of the darkness of this world”.  The real enemy is Satan and his fallen angels or as we rightly call them, demons.

Who Is Worthy To Rule Us?

I wonder how many men and women alive today have a clear understanding of where we are in human history and what lies immediately ahead?  What form of government is best for humanity?  Who would make the best leader of mankind?  Is there one who has earned the right to rule the world?  Yes, of course there is and His name is Jesus Christ.  He will set up a real, new world order.            That new world is about to appear along with a new world leader.  But beware, because Satan will bring his evil  representative, the Antichrist, on the scene and will deceive many. The real new world leader will reign in righteousness and deliver a government that will work wonderfully for a thousand years.  There will be no sin to tarnish this wonderful world government and men will live in peace and harmony under the blessed Son of God.  I think this is to demonstrate to mankind that only God through His Son, can rightly rule mankind.

Let’s Wrap It Up Now

Man today, as throughout the ages, is very concerned about his world and where it is headed.  It is right for men to care and try to make a difference in his nation and his leaders.  It is natural for man to want to be governed by those who will do the right thing, but man is so warped and twisted in his corrupt heart and mind that he cannot rightly assess what is right and true.  That is why we have such divisions in our thinking and in our choices.  That is why we are divided into schisms as, conservatives and liberals; Republicans and Democrats; Socialism and Democracy; more government and less government; capitalism or socialism.

How Are We Supposed To Behave Now?

The Apostle Paul teaches us in Roman chapter 13 how we are to respond to lawful authority, “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers.  For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. I’ll bet you never thought of the police as ministers of God, huh?  Well, the Apostle Paul is teaching us how to live lawfully and respectfully toward civil authority for the good of mankind.  Paul also states in Romans 12:18, “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men”.

We can get upset with Obama, and healthcare, and cap and trade and takeovers, and on and on and on, but we really should be preparing for the world to come.  The next event on the prophetical calendar is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to receive His Church.  All the signs have been fulfilled and there remains nothing yet to be fulfilled before He returns.  Are you ready to meet him my friend?

These things were written to open your understanding about the world to come and the prospects of a world without sin.  Watch and pray for it could be any day.

God Bless you all,

Jim Hethcox

hisservant Jim's America, Jim's Bible Study

  1. Janice
    July 29th, 2009 at 09:39 | #1

    You are right on target! The only people who don’t see are blinded. God help us to open our eyes.

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