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We The People

April 26th, 2009

President Abraham Lincoln, while giving the Gettysburg Address, proclaimed this nation to be a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Yet today that same government has lost its compass and is on a road toward destruction unless “We The People” take the necessary steps to regain control of our government. Think about that for a moment if you will.  Is the government of these United States today a government of the common man, for the common man and by the common man?  I answer with a resounding NO!  We are deeply gripped in the clutches of an overgrown, burgeoning government that keeps feeding itself on more and more tax dollars and growing fatter and fatter and all the while becoming less responsive to the citizenry.

Have you taken stock lately of the people who are running this government?  We once had statesmen who served at the pleasure of the people back home who elected them to look after their interests while serving in Washington.  But the days of the statesman are past; we are now under the heavy-handed control of career politicians, most of whom have a personal agenda.  Oh, there is a vast difference between a statesman and a career politician.  The career politicians today, that are running this country’s government, are serving their own interests and the interests of their party or of the lobbyists.  Those professional lobbyists are paying out many thousands and even millions of dollars to get bills passed that hurt the taxpayers back home, yet they sell their votes and influence to the highest bidder.  They are busy lining their pockets with money taken at the expense of the little man.  We the people suffer when these self-serving politicians are in session.

There has long been an outcry by the people about how Congress votes themselves big.  The common man is disturbed when they hear how Congress passes laws for their own personal retirement system while exempting themselves from having to pay social security and other taxes. The congressional pension system enables every person who serves in Congress, whether it be one term or a lifetime, to draw a healthy pension for the rest of their life, all at the expense of the taxpayer, and all this is for a part time job.  It used to be considered a privilege for a person to be elected to office and serve at the pleasure of the people back home.  Many today are calling for term limits on Congress just like the presidency, and I for one agree that it is much needed in today’s political climate.  It is no secret that the politician’s main interest is not to serve the people, but to get themselves re-elected so they can continue to dip into the till.  All is academic to that main interest of getting re-elected for another term so they can continue to build their power base and expand their influence.

If our situation wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable to listen to the news commentators, as well as the people of this country, talking about the woes of big government.  The reason I say laughable is because the real reason the South seceded from the North was big government’s control of affairs that should have been left to individual states.  The North wanted a strong central government to rule over the several states and the South wanted a less intrusive central government that served at the pleasure of the sovereign states.  The South wanted to depart in peace and form its own government that more closely mirrored the Jeffersonian style of government.  One only needs to read the Constitution of the Confederate States of America to see what they had in mind when they seceded.  “States Rights” was the battle cry of the Confederate soldier but the history books have contorted and twisted the truth so as to paint the Confederacy as an illegal regime built on the premise of slavery.  That is so far from the truth and a subject that rightfully belongs to another blog.

“Less government” seems to be the big topic today of the “tea party” crowds that gathered in cities, towns and burgs all over this land recently.  You know, the “crowds” that the Obama administration is trying to ignore, and the “crowds” that CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the liberal media downplay and label as racists and rednecks.  It’s hard to deny the grassroots movement that is going on in this country, but the Obama administration is doing just that; ignoring that it is happening in hopes that it will just go away.  Well, Mr. President, they/we are NOT going to go away.  You sir will have to deal with a grassroots movement that has been in the making for a long time.  The “silent majority” is silent no longer.  As a matter of fact, they are well organized and very outspoken, and I think it is a good thing to see what’s finally happening in this country.  I’m not saying there should be another revolution, because in a revolution you can never be guaranteed the results you had hoped for.  Rather I am calling for a good, clean “mid-course correction”.  America, we need to put our house in order once again and bring this top heavy government to it’s rightful place.

“Control Spending” is another of the major topics of the tea party crowds.  This government has gone completely mad with spending money that it doesn’t have and even printing it to make more available.  Don’t they know that just to turn on the presses will devalue the dollar worldwide, or don’t they care?  Paper money must be backed by something tangible like silver or gold, but the Federal Reserve bases the dollar on the country”s confidence in the dollar.  That confidence is waning fast and is in serious trouble today.  They are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren just so they can go on a wild spending spree in hopes of buying their way out of the mess they have created in the first place.  Politicians  in Washington had better start seriously listening to the people of this country or they will find themselves without a job.  I hope to see every seat challenged at the coming elections and a major unseating of those fat cats in DC.

It’s time “We The People” regain control of this government and fire the career politicians that are making a self-serving career out of our loyal trust.  It’s time we elect people in congress who will work for the citizens of our country rather than serving special interests. For a long time now I have said that one thing Washington needs is a lesson in Basic Civics.  It seems the whole town has lost it’s political compass. It is time for those fat cats in Washington to be sent home packing with their tails tucked between their legs.  It’s also time for Congress to repeal those self-serving laws that line their personal coffers while exempting themselves from the same taxes they levy against the common man.  It is time for the leadership in Congress to be reminded that they serve the people; the people do not serve the government.  “We the People” seem to be ignored or passed off by the politicians as ignorant and unworthy of their respect. It”s time for the Federal government to realize that it should serve at the pleasure of the states and not the other way around.

The recent overseas behavior from the highest office in the land is just an indicator of how much trouble we are in on the world scene. The last thing we need is a President who goes overseas and runs our country down and apologizes for our “past sins”.  These actions make the United States look weak and ashamed. Doesn’t he realize that he is not just a man called the president, but the Presidency is an entity in and of itself and represents us all?  He surely was NOT representing me when he bowed from the waist to Saudi Arabian oil baron.  The very idea of the President of the United States bowing to a Muslim prince who has been known to give great financial backing to terrorists who kill Americans should disturb every American.  How much longer will we be considered a super power?  How much longer will “We The People” tolerate this chicanery and outrage?  I say it is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  I recall taking an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…which includes career politicians.  If our government only exercised itself as far as the Constitution allowed it and no further, we would be in a much better state.  We are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic.  What in the world has happened in the past two centuries?  What would our founding fathers think of this big government today?  God help America!

Jim Hethcox

hisservant Jim's America

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