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Granny Mary Polly Beck, A Real Pioneer Woman

December 2nd, 2015

A few months ago I received an email from a distant cousin in College Station, Texas containing a few old family photos and the names of the people in them. My cousin had been doing some extensive work on the genealogy of our family and had run across the photos and names. There was one photo in particular that caught my eye as I pondered every element contained in it. Read more…

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The Things That Really Count

November 15th, 2012

I have lived long enough now to have a great rearward perspective.  What I see in my rear view mirror is most useful in helping me to gauge life’s road ahead.  At my age I’ve just about seen it all, felt it all, lived it all, experienced it all, suffered it all, and enjoyed it all.  I am now confident that I am able to judge life from the advantage of experience.  With experience comes a degree of wisdom, which comes in really handy in your daily walk.
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Mrs. Susie Kate Taylor

February 24th, 2012

reading writing arithmatic and bible

Mrs. Susie Kate Taylor, school teacher supreme, was one of my childhood heroes.  I thought she was just a good teacher, and I liked her, but she was nothing special at the time.  It was later, much later that I discovered her real value to me.  She was called Ms. Taylor by her 5th grade students at Lawrenceville Elementary School in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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The Best of Times

December 25th, 2009

The title “Baby Boomers” was just a normal classification with which kids of my era have always identified.  We knew our Dads fought in the big war and we were proud of them.  We grew up in the post World War II years.  Looking back now, I am convinced those were the best of times to have been a kid.  Read more…

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Grandpa was a Confederate Marine

May 1st, 2009

usmcemblemTo say that we are a Marine family is a bit of an understatement. Our family is and has been Marine for over a century and a half. Our Great-great grandfather served proudly in the Confederate States Marine Corps (CSMC) during the late unpleasantness with the Yankee government. A proper explanation of this will be a good start to this story of our family’s pride in the Corps. Read more…

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Our First TV

April 5th, 2009

philtv49When I was in the first grade, in about 1954, I came home one day to learn that Daddy had bought a television set. It was a second handed one, but it worked just fine, considering the day. It had a round screen and I believe it was a Philco brand. I think there were about two stations that we could pick up with that rabbit ear antenna, and they were probably Columbus and Atlanta. Read more…

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The Great Generation – We Will Miss You.

February 21st, 2009

Howard Hethcox Army Photo

During my early childhood I lived either in or around the West Georgia city of LaGrange.  Almost all my relatives lived there, so it was home to me.  I had cousins by the dozens and really enjoyed playing with them when I could.  Family Reunion at my PaPa Robinson’s house in mid June was always the highlight of my whole year, because I got to see all my cousins, even the ones from Alabama. Read more…

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